95-2  Obsolete

NIH Continuation Applications
January 12, 1995

The National Institutes of Health published in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts dated October 28, 1994 guidelines to streamline the non-competing continuation applications. The instructions apply to R01, R03, R13, R15, R18, R21, R24, R25, R29, R37, R42, R44 and all K series awards. The following should be used in conjunction with the instructions in the PHS 2590 application kit.

  1. Complete the face page (form page 1), the Progress Report Summary (form page 6), the personnel and study subjects page (form page 7), the checklist page (form page 8), and provide a brief, two page, progress report (tables and/or figures that summarize key accomplishments may be in addition to the two pages). It is not necessary to complete the indirect cost portion of the checklist page unless there is a change in performance site.

  2. Answers to the following questions should be inserted before the progress report.

After reviewing the continuation application, program or grants management staff may require additional information to evaluate the project for continued funding. Failure to provide this information in a timely manner will result in a delayed award. If a project or grantee organization requires closer monitoring by NIH staff, the project and/or organization may be exempted from using the simplified non-competing continuation application procedures.

IU Implementation If under 2.b. a budget justification sheet is not required by NIH, an internal budget should be forwarded with the PHS 2590 application and the route sheet. This will allow the research office and FMS-Contract and Grant Administration to have sufficient detail to establish the budget into the project account.