95-4  Obsolete

Graduate Student Health Insurance
Policy and Procedures
March 20, 1995

Indiana University sets an annual flat rate per year that will be provided to student academic appointments for health insurance. The student must be enrolled full-time and be employed at least 37.5 percent time. The university's obligation is 80% of the flat rate, and the student's obligation is 20%. This fiscal year, 1994-95, the flat rate is $488 per year; therefore, the university's obligation is $390 per year (see Important Notice #94-7). The rate is split between the two semesters, and is charged at $148 for the first semester and at $242 for the second semester (2nd semester includes prorated amount for summer).

It is university policy that the students use the insurance that IU provides. On federally funded projects, the contract or grant should not be charged for additional health insurance. (For reference, see OMB Circular A-21 sections J.8.f and J.41.) On non-federal projects, additional health insurance may be charged only if specifically approved by the funding agency.

On the Bloomington campus, the procedure for charging the grant is now automated. For the first semester of 1994-95, the grant will be charged one lump sum figure (this appeared on the December 1994 operating reports). With the implementation of the FIS, this assessment is being done in monthly increments; for each semester the amount will be divided equally over four months (first semester charged September-December for the months of August-November, and second semester charged February-May for the months of January-April). The account will be charged based upon the percent time the student was appointed on that particular project.

On the Indianapolis campus, the method of billing is under review at this time.

If you have any questions about a specific account, please contact an FMS Contract and Grant Analyst. If you have more general questions, please contact Jennifer Foutty, Manager of Contract and Grant Administration (855-4884 or jfoutty@indiana.edu).