95-9  Obsolete

C&G Staff Changes
June 28, 1995

Effective July 1, 1995, there will be some staffing changes in Contract and Grant Administration.

Tereasa West will assume the duties of Accounts Receivable Associate. She will be responsible for the deposit of funds into grant accounts and for drawing and reporting Federal Line of Credit funds.

June Eckerle will be an Analyst on the Federal Team and will be responsible for those accounts designated with a "J" and a "K". Dana Brown will be an Analyst on the Federal Team and will be responsible for those accounts designated with a "C".

Attached is a list of the members of C&G, their account responsibility, and their e-mail IDs and phone numbers.

The last character of the subfund field on the account indicates the Analyst responsible. This subfund field appears in the FIS Transaction Processing system and on the Standard Operating reports.

Contracts & Grants Administration
July 1, 1995
Sally Farleysfarley@indiana.eduPoplars 423855-6781
Subfund Account Identification
AFedJan Youngjyoung@indiana.eduPoplars 431855-5326
BFedEthel Workmaneworkman@indiana.eduPoplars 437855-6908
CFedDana Browndambrown@indiana.eduPoplars 434855-5350
DNon-FedArlene Richardsonakrichar@indiana.eduPoplars 438855-4335
EFedMardi Spencemlspence@indiana.eduPoplars 432855-9122
FNon-FedPatti Quimbypquimby@indiana.eduPoplars 430855-8799
GNon-FedMarty Schickmschick@indiana.eduPoplars 429855-8675
HFedKaren Pierokpiero@indiana.eduPoplars 431855-7110
JFedJune Eckerlejeckerle@indiana.eduPoplars 434855-0250
KFedJune Eckerlejeckerle@indiana.eduPoplars 434855-0250
MNon-FedHelen Moshakhmoshak@indiana.eduPoplars 429855-4413
NNon-FedKris Cainkacain@indiana.eduPoplars 430855-5338
PFedLana Buskirklbuskirk@indiana.eduPoplars 438855-5375
QFedTeresa Hutchisontlhutchi@indiana.eduPoplars 432855-8691
Accounts Receivable
Tereasa Westtwest@indiana.eduPoplars 435855-7079
Linda Gillilandlgillila@indiana.eduPoplars 435855-9383
Jennifer Fouttyjfoutty@indiana.eduPoplars 426855-4884
** The letter is the last digit of the subfund group on the account. It appears on the operating reports and on-line in FIS transaction Processing.