97-4  Obsolete

Travel Rates Effective July 1, 1997
August 1, 1997

Following are travel rates effective July 1, 1997. Please begin using them immediately on all proposals submitted.

Per Diem Schedule:

In-state $26
Out-of-state $32

Japan $85
Korea and Taiwan $85
Singapore, Asia, South America
and the European Union $65
All other foreign $50

Mileage: Out-of-state will be paid at $ .28 per mile for the first 500 miles. The next 2,500 miles are reimbursed at $ .14 per mile. Mileage over 3000 will not be reimbursed. The exception to the 3000 mile rule is for inter-city mileage requiring a mileage record form as documentation of travel.

Lodging: Actual costs will be paid.

Other: Reimbursement for parking and tolls is available with receipts.

Reimbursement shall be in accordance with University’s travel policies; see further details in the Indiana University Travel Regulations.