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Animal Care & Use - Indianapolis
School of Medicine - IACUC

Indianapolis School of Medicine IACUC website

Contact Information:

Animal Care & Use Indianapolis SOM IACUC

Prior to arriving at IU

  • Plan Ahead. It is strongly recommended that all new and renewing protocols be submitted at least two months prior to start of activities.
  • Contact the office of Laboratory Animal Resources Center to confirm that the species proposed for your work is supported and that space is available to house the animals.
  • Visit the SOM IACUC web site. Here you will find the most up-to-date information including application deadlines, forms, policies, and instructions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the regulations, policies, and guidelines that affect animal use at IU SOM.

After arrival at IU

  • Download and complete a new animal use protocol application from the SOM IACUC Forms page. Always download a new application to make sure you are using the most current version. Submit the completed protocol as an email attachment to the email address listed under "Contact Information" to the right of this page.
  • Complete, and assure that all personnel listed on the animal use protocol have completed, the on-line training provided through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and the Occupational Health program.
  • Be aware of the hazards associated with the project and receive the appropriate safety training, including the areas of Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, and Radiation Safety, and be sure that all other applicable approvals have been obtained or are in process of being approved.
  • Consult with the veterinary staff if your proposed study includes any medical procedures requiring anesthesia, or it will include any experimentally induced conditions with the potential to cause pain or distress to the animal.

Throughout Research Career at IU

  • Any changes to an approved study, including changes in personnel, must be amended to your protocol, and then reviewed and approved by the SOM IACUC prior to initiating those changes.
  • Submit annual reviews of animal work as requested by the SOM IACUC.
  • Everything three years the protocol must be renewed by submitting a new protocol application.